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Bob McClintic & Associates

´╗┐Taking the Mystery out of High Pressure Die Casting´╗┐

Bob McClintic and Associates, die casting engineering, consulting, and creator of "Dr. Die Cast" software. Since 1998 I have helped produce hundreds of millions of successful magnesium, zinc and aluminum die castings. I have assisted die casting business owners and managers in reducing costs, while improving productivity, profits and customer satisfaction. Casting sizes range from grams to almost a 100 pounds (45 KG). Chances are you own a vehicle, power tool, office furniture, sporting equipment, entertainment system or appliances that contain castings I helped develop or produce. I am "hands on" when it comes to solving problems and training. See for yourself, read some of my technical articles published in NADCA's "Die Casting Enginner" Magazine at www.drdiecast.com/technical_articles.htm  and review a partial client list. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I can easily service the global die casting market.

Some examples of "miniature zinc die castings".


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